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Corbin Saddle
(800)223-4332 Daytona FL
(800)538-7035 Castroville CA

Really disliked my stock seat - was definitely a pain in the derriere. I wonder during R&D if they really test for rider comfort - not just Triumph - most motorcycles that I try seem to be uncomfortable after about 100 miles - maybe I've got a weird shape - all I know is that the stock seat had to go. Took a zip up to Corbin in Daytona as I'm only about 50 miles to their south. Looked at what they had to offer - and as I had one on my Harley already, I was familiar with their design. I picked what they call they Dual Canyon Sport although it looks very similar to the dual touring saddle that I have on the Harley (also their are no canyon within a couple thousands miles of me, so I don't know if this will help me or not ;-)

I ordered a leather saddle with the 'DT' stitch pattern (looks better than the smooth), green welts to match the bike and a back rest for my wife (constantly fearing she was going off the back!). I have used the seat on many long distance rides and am very happy with the improved stability it provides me. The seat is slightly lower and a couple inches wider than stock - really a nice fit, although I may have it shaved just a little (offered at no charge by Corbin). The fit to the bike was precise and actually is easier to lock than the stock seat. If you've got $299 for the seat and $179 for the back rest this may be just the thing to make that long ride just a little easier.

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