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Gen Mar Risers
Gen Mar Mfg Co.
1815 Vista Sierra Court
Las Cruses, NM 88005
The Gen Mar risers were my first modification. I was worried about the bar height on the Sprint as I was used to a more upright riding position. The dealer added these before I left the shop - as I just removed them, I can comment on their installation. The risers are easily installed by removing the stock bolts, inserting the risers, adding the vanity covers and re-installing the bolts supplied with the kit. The kit adds 1" of height to the stock bars and can be added without changing any cables. My problem with the kit was that while I needed the extra height, I also needed a more relaxed angle on the handlebars. After my first ride over 300 miles, I knew that I needed something different (see Trophy bar mod). My only concern with the kit came on dis-installation - all four bolts supplied with the kit had rusted and the chrome color covers that were on top of them had begun to discolor. I have the same complaint with Harley accessories - you buy an expensive kit and they include the cheapest hardware they can get their hands on. If you need the extra height, I would reccomend this kit - if you are wanting a better wrist angle see Trophy bar mod.

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