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Givi Hard Luggage
Givi North America

Ordered the E36 Monokey dual hard bag system. They also offer a three bar, but I looked the look of the two bag and Triumph luggage rack much better. The three bag system, I find looks too much like a big mounting bracket when you don't have the bags on. With the dual rack, it just seems to blend in with the lines of the bike. Maybe I'm just crazy, but to each his own. As far as installation, this is definitely a six pack set up. My fist problem was that the instructions were all pictures with a very brief subtitle printed in seven or eight different languages. I know this saves paper, but doesn't do a lot for the person installing the kit at 1:00 A.M. ! The pictures did not always seem to represent what I had in my hand and one set of bolts that the instructions said to use from the bike would not match to the bike. This meant a run to the hardware store to find two metric bolts - not an easy task in rural Florida. The next hurdle was splicing the new turn signal wires into the stock harness - 5 different color combinations - 3 of which were not in the Triumph service manual ! Anyway, once all the cursing was out of the way decided to hook up the juice and test the connections - turned the signal to the right and got the fast paced click but no turn signal - turned the left on - same problem. Immediately thought I've mucked up the works and reversed a wire or done a bad splice - unwrapped it all and tested with the handy voltmeter that was sitting with dead batteries on the work bench (curses - foiled again). All the connections tested out - 1:45 A.M. - getting frustrated - lets check the bulbs - maybe they were damaged in shipping - @#$$## there are no bulbs! After moving the bulbs from the stock signals to the Givi Wingrack - no problems! Mounted the bags with the reassuring click and we were ready to go. My only other problem was the pinstriping (bright red) which clashed with the colors of the bike - another run to the auto parts store, to return with gold 1/4" pinstriping - an easy fix and much better look. The Givi bags are wonderful to use, easy to open and take on and off, and are really water tight. Have driven through the worst downpours imaginable, only to find everything inside completely dry. I love these bags and would recommend them in a heartbeat - just be sure to head the pitfalls I had with installation - however once installed you should have no more problems.

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