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Micron Racing Slip On
Micron North America
2360 Ogden Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(888)963-1212 phone or http://www.micron-exhaust.com web page
(disclaimer from installation manual)

Warning : These parts are intended for closed course, competition use only!

That being said the only other thing to add is 'wah-hoo!' The first thing I noticed when talking to the people at Micron, was that they were there to answer my questions - how refreshing. The person I spoke with took the time to answer all my questions, honestly and straightforward. I felt as though I was talking to a buddy of mine who was laying out all the pros and cons so that I could come to my own conclusion. I got the alloy slip-on and immediately noticed that they weighed 1/4 of what the stock pipes weighed - performance gain just by virtue of reduced weight. The mounting was fairly easy, but unfortunately the instructions were all text - being an American, I need pictures! This, however, was my only complaint. After reading the instructions a few times I was ready to go, and they went on in about 35-45 minutes (a word of warning - always make sure to clean all oil from your hands that may have deposited on the pipes before you fire them up for the first time - otherwise they will be permanently etched in the metal - learned this the hard way many years ago on a set of Harley pipes ). I would definitely recommend re-jetting as I noticed an immediate lean condition on the first firing of the pipes - this will be one of my next add-ons. Although I still haven't re-jetted, I notice no real drop outs in power ( just did a dyno run and had a very consistent smooth curve). The sound is incredible - a nice hearty low rumble - just what I was looking for - not a Harley but not a high pitched racing can. I have heard through another rider that Micron does not recommend the slip ons for the Trophy due to increased resonance off the hard bags. I have noticed that with the Givi bags installed and EMPTY, I get about 5 to 10 dB extra noise. However, as soon as I load the bags up, the extra noise goes away - no free air to reverberate. I definitely would not pass on buying the Micron for this reason.

In conclusion - Again money well spent.

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