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Power Bronze Flip Shield

Jack Lilley, LTD
109-113 High Street
Middlesex, England
TW17 9BL
Tel (01932) 246055
Side by side - click to expand Well, as you should know by now, I changed the handlebars on the Sprint, replacing them with the stock bars from the Trophy. The benefit was to give me a slightly more upright riding position. The problem was that this position placed my head directly in the airstream from the stock shield. I examined the Corbin shield, but found that it was too tall for my liking. I purchased the PB shield in smoke from JL's sight unseen - it was only around $50US, so I figured that I would gamble on it. Ordered it on Friday and received it in Florida in the US on Wednesday - fast delivery - even better than within the US ! The pictures to the left show the difference between the two shields - The PB extends slightly further back - about 2-3 inches and is about 2-3 inches taller. Took a spin after the install and found that it was just enough to remove the full force of the wind hitting directly into my helmet. I could even open my visor and not have tears in my eyes (not my normal riding style). The only problem I had, was over tightening a bolt, and putting a small crack near one of the bolt holes - obviously why package warns to install hand tight only - oops.
The shield follows the lines of the fairing and does not look out of place at all - very curious to see how it performs on the first long trip ...............Well, now with more miles on it, I must say the change is dramatic. In addition to moving the wind a little higher, I find that the overall wind noise level has also been lessened. Makes the long distance high speed runs much more enjoyable!
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