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Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators
Race Tech

Another complaint I had with the Sprint was its unsteady cornering and head dive on braking and shifting speeds. While testing my new brake lines, the installer reached the same conclusion. A fellow rider on a Trident had just installed new Race Tech springs and he was very impressed. I decided to add the Cartridge emulators. I had the local Triumph dealer tackle this one, as I was not up for removing the forks and drilling the dampening rods. It was the dealer's first install on this type of system, so installation was rather slow (about 4-5 hours - although they only charged me for two). After installation, I've found cornering to be fun - downright exciting! I told the local service manager after riding the bike home that this upgrade will only serve to get me into trouble...... I feel much more confident on the bike and it reacts just like I expect - no surprise rise or fall on the front end. With each new addition, I think that my bike can't be any better - but after trying each one I'm am amazed at my 'new' bike...... Not sure what's coming next ................

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