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Click to Expand The Wild Rat (her name and registration tag) began her life in May 1997. Prior to that she lead a pretty uninteresting life on the local showroom floor. I've been riding for a number of years, but got hit hard with the riding bug in January 1996. I purchased a Harley XL Custom and proceeded to put 10,000 miles on it the first year. About that time, Kim, my wife said that she was going to take the rider safety
course, and start riding as well. The search then began for a second bike for her. I then changed direction as I reasoned that as I would be doing the majority of the riding, I should get the second bike for me, and Kim could ride the Harley. I then began the search for a sportier bike for myself. I had long envied the Buell S2-T that my good friend Greg Welsh had (usually as he was pulling away from my sportster). I looked at the Buell's, but even used, they were several thousand out of my price range. I then received a postcard from the local Triumph dealer offering demo rides on Hinckley Triumphs. I took a 95 Trident out for the afternoon and the rest is history. I loved the feel of the triple, but wanted a little more protection from the wind, something suited to the longer runs I was planning. I started looking at the Trophy's, but found the fairing to be a little too much. I sat on the Sprint and fell in love.
New Microns with Bags Off I was not happy with the handlebars, so the first modification was the addition of a set of Gen Mar Risers. The extra height gave me a more upright riding position, but I could still get low if needed. I also wanted a place to strap things to - enter the Triumph cast rack. I almost choked when I heard the price, but once I had it on, I couldn't live without it. It gave me a stable platform to strap my knapsack to, while still leaving room for a passenger. The next thing I wanted, was to let people know at a distance that I was riding a British bike. Enter Todd Fisher at Fisher Custom Grafixs. I ordered a second fairing and gave it along with
the front fender to Todd. He created an incredible flowing Union Jack which seems to ripple across the fairing. He also created the RAT Logo which you can see at the bottom of this page. He masked the large 'T' to leave the factory British Racing Green and did a wonderful job increasing the color depth of the rat. The next addition was the Throttlemeister - my hat's off to the guys at Marker machine for manufacturing such a wonderful product. It was easy to install and and operates flawlessly. As I was now starting to put in greater distances, I decided that the stock seat had to go, and I needed more storage than the cast rack could provide. I shopped around for seats but found very little was offered for the Triumphs. I decided on a Corbin as I had one already for the Harley. I went all out and ordered the leather 'Canyon Sport' dual touring seat in leather, with the passenger backrest. To finish out the touring mods, I added the Givi dual 36 liter monokey bags. By adding the dual bags instead of the triple, I did not have to add the gaudy top rack. When I pull off the bags, I have a sporty bike, not a bike that looks like you just pulled some bags off. Also, somewhere in this time, I decided I needed an alarm. I ordered the Triumph alarm, but it was on perpetual backorder. I then started calling local dealers to see if I could find one in stock and ended up finding a discontinued talking Triumph alarm. It really rates a 10 on the 'neato' scale with a Brit voice announcing 'Attention - this Triumph motorcycle is being stolen' ! (hope to have a wave here soon).
Since September 1st, I've added the following: Micron Racing Slip Ons, SOS priority module and most recently 96 Trophy handlebars. The Microns give a very low rumble to the bike - definitely turns some heads. I don't think I have much of a performance boost from them, although I haven't re-jetted yet. The SOS module turned my rear turn signals into running lights, thus increasing my rear visibility. It also flashes the brake light when you apply the brakes - hopefully this will catch the eye's of whoever is behind me.
Front Fender RAT Logo I just finished adding the Trophy bars, and have not put a lot of miles on them yet. They eliminated the Gen Mar risers, and also got rid of the weird angle that was present on the stock bars - much easier on the wrists. These bars, however do require a longer brake line for proper fit, so I added a set of Goodridge stainless brake lines. These make the stock
calipers perform 100% better -actually feel like I have some braking power. After testing the brake lines, the installer recommended an upgrade on the front suspension. Added the Cartridge Emulators by Race Tech - dramatic improvement - this bike just keeps getting more fun to ride each day. Anyway if you haven't figured it out by now, I really love my Triumph!!

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