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Believe it or not, the Sprint now belongs to another - Steve Mate (smate@email.com). I will leave these pages up, for atleast the time being as many have commented that they are a good source of information. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask. And for those of you forming that question in your mind, No - I didn't sell because I no longer liked the bike - far from it - was almost in tears seeing it go. Have a new Sprint ST - so far it is living up to my expectations.
Pics of other Sprints
These pages last updated 18-Jun-99. Make sure to check out the review of my 98 Summer Road Trip. You can expand the pics to the left - most about 90k but well worth the wait. See the links page for some Triumph related links. The mods I made to the Sprint include (click for individual opinions/reviews on each):
WILD RAT From Behind Check out my front fender RAT logo at the bottom of the page) - done by Todd Fisher. To see an overview
New Microns with Bags Off summary text on these mods click here - If you have particular questions, please e-mail me at esheley@mindspring.com .

My Sprint as it looks today (bags off)

Before Corbin with Stock Pipes Before the Corbin seat with stock pipes
Before Corbin with Stock Pipes Before Corbin seat with stock pipes and bags off.
Front Fender RAT Logo RAT Logo on front fender. Green 'T' is actual stock paint from under image - expand for better detail.
CycleRiders My local dealer - Cycle Riders of Orlando
Sister store - Longwood, FL sells
Suzuki and Ducati (407)695-4900
This dealer really knows how to take care of his customers :-)
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