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SOS Priority Lighting System

Sound Off Recreational, Inc.
PO Box 152
Hudsonville, MI 49426

The Priority Plus is a sealed electrical lighting module. I was looking for something to increase my rear visibility and this was suggested to me. There are two minor problems with the module, one being the number of wires to connect and the other being the physical size. There are seven wires to attach, but once you get all the color codes set up, installation moves right along. The only problem with seven spliced wires, is that you start to get a wiring birds nest under your seat. Because the unit is fairly large (2-7/8"x2-7/8"x1"), I decided not to permanently mount the box (cushioned nicely in the bundle of wires!) - would have blocked access to fuse block or brake light. The unit functions flawlessly and really makes a difference for rear visibility - was riding with a friend in a downpour and he had no problem seeing me. The functions are as follows:

  • With ignition on both turns signals are on at half brightness.
  • When either brake applied, both signals pulsate for 1.5 seconds and then transfer to full brightness.
  • When signal activated, it functions as normal with the other side remaining at half brightness or full brightness if brake applied simultaneously (to avoid confusion, the pulsing feature does not function when turn signals are activated).

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