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Throttlemeister / Marker Machine Inc.
5240 N 124th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225 USA
What can I say but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all at Marker Machine for such a wonderful product. The biggest hurdle for sales of the Throttlemeister is the price - at anywhere from $99 to $115 with adapters, many people will initially pass at this one. Let me tell you, however, that this will be on of the best investments you can make. I've tried a number of throttle control devices, but this is by far the very best. First unlike some of the plastic compression models, this actually looks good on your bike. Next, it is low maintenance - install it and forget it. Third, it works effortlessly regardless of what you happen to be wearing on your hands. I've even used this with full mid arm gauntlets! - try that with the competition. This is one mod that is money well spent.

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