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Custom Artwork
RAT Logo - click to expand I've long admired Todd's work - many of the local Harley's sport artwork that he has laid down. When I got the Sprint, one of the first things I wanted to do was add a personal touch to the bike. I had seen some of Todd's flag work and inquired about getting a Union Jack across the fairing. I also wanted to add the RAT logo somewhere on the bike (ended up on the front fender). The flag came out better than I had hoped - people are amazed at the detail when they see it - the shading is incredible - many run their hands over the bike
Todd Fisher's Custom Grafix expecting to feel the flag rippling! The RAT logo was done from some basic four color images of the logo. He then added the coloration to the rat giving it a very realistic look - very life like. The 'T' portion is the actual BRG from fender - he masked off the the area to let the stock paint show through - very cool. I recommend him highly to anyone thinking of getting some artwork done. He's very conscientious about his work and definitely has the gift of being able to make the airbrush perform wonders. He will ship as well, so you don't need to live in Florida to take advantage of his work.

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