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Trophy Bars / T-Bird Grips
Source : Triumph of America

Well, anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am never happy (my apologies to David Ball, parts guy extraordinaire, for all his time spent following up on all my ideas). I've been complaining about the handlebar angle on the Sprint for awhile, but after a recent long distance trip I could take no more. The stock angle was between 5-10 degrees to severe for me and would cause intense pain in my wrists if I rode for 200-300 miles or more. I started by looking at Helibars but when I was told a minimum of a six week wait, I changed direction. I had heard of a few people using Trophy bars with success on the Sprints so I proceeded to track a few down. Everyone I talked to had positive results, so I decided to give them a try. While running it by the service manager, Thad, he suggested also changing the grips to the stock T-Bird grips. I got the parts in and did the swap - as expected my brake line was not long enough although it is still rideable by moving the brake down the bar by about 1" - I will be adding a dual stainless line this week.(Added - see review on Goodridge Stainless Lines) Everything else went into place rather easily. I hopped on the bike and a smile shot across my face - this is what I had wanted all along. I am only sorry that I took so long to make this change. The bars also look very good - not awkward or out of place at all. The T-Bird grips are also nice, gives me a little more to hold onto and will probably alleviate some of the stiffness in my hands. Will report more as I put miles on the setup. Parts #'s for those interested :

Left bar T2040255
Rght bar T2040260
Bolts 3050019-T0301 Qty 4
Left grip T2040143
Rght grip T2040144

Should have done this instead of the Gen Mar (BTW Gen Mar's now sold - installed on a 95 Trident - the new owner loves them !)

Update 98-1-23: Have now put almost 1000 miles on the trophy bars. They have made a considerable difference in my wrists - no more pain after 50-60 miles. Got some black powdercoated plugs for the bolt holes that faced the rider and epoxyed them in place. Cleaned up the overall look of the bars - was very strange to see the holes exposed with nothing in them. Someone speculated that they drilled all the way through to make it easier to extract bolts that had broken off due to over exertion - could be, but definitely looks

better now.

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