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Last updated 15-Dec-98.
CycleRiders My local dealer - Cycle Riders of Orlando
Joe Payne (407)295-0045
Sister store - Longwood, FL sells
Suzuki and Ducati (407)695-4900
This dealer really knows how to take care of his customers :-)
Some must see Links
arrow*Triumph Motorcycles - Official Home Page
*If you haven't been to the Unofficial Triumph Mailing List go there now - a must on your favorite site list
*T509 and T595 Home page- great site - if you have a T5 or are thinking about one, make sure to get on the T5 mail list
*Jack Lilley - European Motorcylce Specialists - need an add-on or bit of Carbon Fibre for your Triumph ? Try here
*SouthBay Triumph - Home of the 200mph X Series 595 plus the West Coast Performance left exit exhaust for T5 Series
*Chris Smrcka's page - Had a 509 - now has a 595
*Silicon Valley Triumph Web - Michael Wesley's T509, California ride info and more
*SKYKING Products - Check out John's awesome 595 and his custom products for the T5 Series
*Ian Chadwick's Triumph Motorcycle Timeline - The history of the Triumph line - very informative site.
*Martin's Motorcycling Home Page - T595 and Sprint.

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